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Le Relais de Beaumesnil is housed in a 19th century's mansion. Erected in the heart of the village, just a stone's throw from the famous Château de Beaumesnil and St. Nicolas Church, le Relais de Beaumesnil is at one of the strategic points of this charming village, typically Norman, with a population of 640 souls. The Town Hall is next to Le Relais and shares the car park.


The Bar and Tobacconist'ts meet the needs of the locals and casual trade. Christelle and Thierry, the owners expend boundless ingenuity to make this pretty place into agoing concern and take part in village life.
By offering "bistronomique" food* Le Relais shows ambition in the art of receiving. The greatest care is taken in the preparation of the food. The home-made dishes come into their own in Christelles's expert hands. The very aspect of the dishes excites the eyes before the taste buds-enter into action. In a convivial and friedly atmosphere Thierry and his team take pains to offer efficient but unaffected service.


In the summer season, your comfort is provided by a natural air conditioning system in the glazed garden room. A "bioclimatique" system which regulates the temperature naturally and ecologically. Your meal will not in any way be spoiled by under or overheating. There is an aera for smoking with no risk of inconveniencing non-smokers thanks to an ingenious air extration system and air renewal.

With the arrival of agreeable weather you have the choice of eating too (lunching or dining) in the space of nature in the garden side.


The establishment can be used on a private basis. Apart from occasional events organised by Le Relais de Beaumesnil itself, you are able to occupy the space of your choice (inside / outside) for your working lunches, evening events, private receptions, anniversaries, lunches, tea parties, cocktails or dinners. Le Relais de Beaumesnil provides tailor-made service.



* "Bistronomique", made up from 'Bistrot' and 'Gastronomic' is an adjective which qualilfies a bar offering dishes of great cuninary quality.







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Decree No. 2014-797
July 11, 2014

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